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At Pools BY You, our knowledgeable staff in Granada Hills is fully trained to help support our swimming pool maintenance do-it-yourselfers in Southern California with the most up-to-date products and innovations in the industry. Our goal at Pools By You is to create a place that our customers can go to receive the best advice without being sold products that they don’t need.

Our retail store uses its many resources to provide the best customer service possible to help identify any problems our customers may experience with their swimming pool. Here are some of the ways we can help you with our in-store services:

  • Free water analysis​

  • Available computerized water analysis with recommendation printouts

  • In-store motor repairs

  • Automatic cleaner diagnosis and repairs

  • Replacement equipment part identification and sales

  • Return customer purchasing programs

  • One-on-one customer service to provide you with step-by-step help and the understanding you need to properly and easily maintain your pool

  • Advice and forms on energy efficient rebates available to consumers through the DWP and SCE

  • Problem troubleshooting


Your swimming pool pump uses more energy than all of your household appliances combined, except for the A/C.  Pools By You is specially trained and certified to help you go green and save up to $1,500 a year on your electric bill, PLUS receive a $1,000 rebate from the California Department of Water and Power.

Pools By You goes green to save you green! Pools By You in Granada Hills, CA is a Certified Aquatic Equipment Installer (CAEI) that ensures our knowledgeable, fully trained staff can help maximize your savings with our Energy Star Rated equipment.  We have many ways to help you reduce your energy usage and give a boost to the environment at the same time.

We specialize in providing the most up-to-date, energy-efficient swimming pool equipment that can lower your electricity bill up to $1500 a year!! The newest product to take the swimming pool industry by storm is the introduction of the variable speed pump. We can control the level of electricity used by your swimming pool equipment and still get the proper amount of filtration to keep your pool clean and clear.  We have also been authorized to give our clients an extended, three-year warranty on industry-leading manufacturer, variable speed pumps. And, using less electricity is good for the environment.  So much so, that the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power (DWP) and Southern California Edison (SCE) are giving rebates of $1,000 and $200, respectively, to swimming pool owners they serve who replace their old pool pump the new variable speed pumps or variable flow pool pump and motor.


We are fully trained and authorized as a CAEI to help you take advantage of these great offers.  We have worked directly with the DWP to ensure our clients meet all of the rebate requirements, including complete documentation: photographs of the site installation, copies of paid invoices, proof of certification, and all application forms.

As you know, Southern California does experience long periods of drought that often require water conservation measures. In addition to using energy efficient swimming pool equipment, you can use solar pool covers, which will minimize water evaporation and reduce the need for a pool heater. Solar pool covers also “capture” the sun’s rays that can extend your swimming season by warming the water, so you can start swimming sooner and longer into the year. Going green is good for your pool, your pocket book, and helping promote greater energy efficiency.  Give us a call or come into our store for more details. 

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